I Have Seen What Benjamin Franklin Saw

30/08/2012 10:45
Stories, Facts, Imaginations and so on, we hear from our youth up, do we ever get to live them??? Some we eventually get it done, but in our own modernized way, others we don't. The important fact is that from the experience, our belief is firmly grounded that it did happen. Why? I woke up one...

I need my memory back

01/06/2012 05:44
Good morning everyone, it is almost 6 a.m, and I am jostled out of bed with the words of  "See the lioness that was to wake me up by 5. Where did that come from. As I rub the sleep from my eyes, I look into the face of my dad, and realize, Shoot!!!. His appointment at 7:30a.m.  He...

ILC 2012 (International Leadership Conference 2012)

02/04/2012 23:21
ILC 2012 !!!. If I said I was not grateful and privileged to be there, then I would not  be speaking to you from the bottom of my heart. This leadership conference was awesome!!! The anticipation, the drive, the expectation of what was to unfold, cannot be told by the tongues of men, but...

My Heroic Brother And The Coward Robber

30/08/2012 16:05
Wow! Last night's encounter was something! I got stopped by a bike robber who asked for my phone while pointing what looked like a gun to me, threatening that if I don't hand over my phone, he would shoot me. My heroic brother stands in front of me, and dares him to shoot, while. I shout in...
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