A bright Sunny Day

22/10/2012 16:46

I sit back here with my chair, wondering how it all begins and how it will end. I can't help but wonder how ??? Well actually, did you just buy that sorry line. Because right now, I am sitting in my room at the Gaylord Texan Hotel in dallas Texas and working my blog to a stage of massive success.

Let's imagine... we wake up, say our prayers and start the day on a loaf of pita bread and a bunch of graps. Later on, sit behind the laptop and begin to type away at success and begin to watch things take shape, from the first step.

We go outside and shoot a video from the balcony of our room and upload it on Youtube to cap off yesterday's event.

The next thing we do is  work on the survey questions for twitter followers and watch the answers tumble in.  Finally read our books on network marketing and personal development.

Do you think it is a day that's bright enough???