27/12/2012 05:58

The ride was just getting started. Prince Charming was here. Who wouldn’t ride?

Come ride with Rena as she takes the ride of her life.

A couple of weeks later, Rena got a surprise; a poem from Debo extolling her qualities and virtues. She was moved, maybe not as he wanted. Ordinarily she wouldn’t have but to some extent the poem made her respond to every mail, every picture and every compliment he lavished on her.

Debo was the quintessential charmer; he was good and really knew how to make Rena feel good about herself. His prose and poetry was top notch, he was so good that any other girl would have just mailed him a draft marriage proposal and requested he responds ASAP!

Rena always had her head squarely on her shoulders, though sometimes she got giddy with his advances, she was mindful not to “go all in”. The “online courting” in its embryonic state continued to mature in the “wombs” of Facebook, email and other chat mediums. Debo kept weaving his story around Rena’s heart; a moving experience, a past story, a present one and dreams of the future. Rena being a compassionate person began to empathize with his story and experiences; thinking Debo had been through a lot, been pained, hurt and was still standing strong.

Rena opened up to him. She told him all about herself. Their friendship became stronger. They always had pet names for each other, every time they had a chat. Debo was obviously better at it. They talked every day at the close of work, till they either slept off on each other or were just too tired to go on. Theirs was a friendship garden filled with flowers of compliments and seeds of promises, with cascading views of things past and present and sometimes, of an undulating panoramic view of the future. It was a chat haven of online rest, tease, quizzes and fun. They simply loved each other’s company.

One day during their chats, out of the blues, Debo asked for Rena’s hand in marriage, declaring that in all his years as a shareholder the singles corporation, he had never experienced the feeling of joy, ecstasy, fun, trouble and pleasure that Rena gave him.

Rena, being a lady, had for long imagined Debo as the man of her dreams. From their constant conversations she saw him as a rare kind of guy. A guy who didn’t smoke, drink or frolic around like our usual “charming” boys of the 2000s. His principles were based on the sound teachings and grooming of his college upbringing (which was a missionary school). His manner and approach to the things of life were a bit similar to what Rena stood for as a person, in terms of character, speech and. He seemed too good to be true. Do people like Debo really still exist?

Could they be “dashingly handsome” and yet have a “pure and clean” outlook and feel about life, people and things around them? Did Debo represent the 10% “good” minority of the world’s population that still exists? These questions and more swam around in Rena’s head. The more she thought about it, the more a part of her wished and longed that her dream man was Debo. Was Debo for real? Were his professions of undying love true? Should she accept to be his girlfriend and ultimately tie the knot with him? Rena was caught between her desires and the fear of the unknown. Like being caught between the devil and the blue sea. Should she say yes and risk her love, her affections, her emotions, hopes and dreams or say no and always live in regret of foregoing what could be the experience of a lifetime with the man of her dreams, her very own prince charming?

***Disclaimer – The characters in this series are fictitious and not tied to any and the events that transpired are fabricated.