13/12/2012 05:48


It all began with a friend request and a response to a questionnaire of 50 questions. She never realized that she was about to undertake a ride of a lifetime. A journey that that will take her to the clouds, to the stars and back to earth. There was nothing special about that particular day when Charming Prince Debo came riding into town – into the little town of this girl in the great city of facebook.

Cupid got inspired to send a gifted charmer down the road on a mission to unseat and send her into fantasia land, through the hands, no, the tongue of its charming and smooth talking messenger. The strategy was simple: smooth talk her head into the clouds and cloud her reasoning by playing on the strings of her emotion like a great and talented musician. It was like a dream. A too good to be true dream it seemed… but … can’t dreams come true?

She was a simple girl with great potential and a bright future.  Some say she is heartwarming, weirdness defined by sweet fun, a ray of sweet laughter to those around her. She was a breath of fresh air.

Every girl wants to be appreciated, loved, complimented and looked on as beautiful, you know what I mean ... that wasn’t exactly on her mind when she got an invitation to chat from Debo.  A self-acclaimed “investor” in the art of bringing peace and prosperity to citizens of less developed and developing African countries. He, the last child of 5, was a quiet, reserved guy, who lived by goodly principles, and only wanted what was best for him according to his mother’s standards and teachings … no offence to the fathers

It all began in the month of May. Rena began her day with a simple Facebook post on being thankful for little things. She received a few likes and comments. She didn’t know that it was the beginning of a journey that was about to begin from a single and simple comment “What are the little things you are thankful for?”

That was the first question. That day, she answered all his other questions; about her life, her friends, her family, things she would love to do and not do, sad moments, happy times … How she did it is a mystery, but she answered each one, and requested he return the favour. Likewise, he sat down and responded. She caught his attention, as he did hers.

This kind of attention online was the first. Perhaps her last, only time will tell. It had her head in the clouds. Debo had her hooked by the heart with his sweet charming words. Where had he been all her life?  He seemed spectacular. Simply put, he was captivating. Probably, he was the man that she had dreamed of but never met. The ride was just getting started. Prince Charming was here. Who wouldn’t ride?

Come ride with us as Rena takes the ride of her life.