Habits Die Hard

27/06/2012 04:21

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act, but a habit."

                                                                                 - Aristotle



We know that our daily habits determine the outcome of our lives. 
This reminds me of an incident I had one evening, when my mother tried to teach me what to do with the chicken I was cooking, regardless of the fact the I was a indeed a grown adult and almost 30.
She meant well no doubt, but I could only see this as a habit she had cultivated right from my childhood(ever since she taught me to cook). Trust me, this happens not just once, it happens all the time.
We, "young ones", trust us, we keep reminding them that we are 'quarter to leave the house' for marriage; so if we can't cook or do the basics of housekeeping, the "woe betide us".
Then again, I guess I would never see the end of one of her habits (especially in the kitchen). It is going to be a hard one to kill.
My attitude has to line up with her habits. Phew!!!!!! I have a lot to learn!!!!!