I Cut The Call On Her

14/09/2012 20:40


Today was suppose to end normally... I was suppose to close from work with a regular grin on my face, happy to be going home early. Get in the comfort of my room, switch on my laptop and blog away in happiness of yet another day passed. Alas, I couldn't. That all went down the drain when the search for my external HD began. The warning bell had rung in my head and in the ears of the accused, since break of day till the close of day.
What happened???
My precious little HD had contacted not only a virus, but viruses, without my knowledge, and my accused went on home steathily without the gumption of giving me fair warning... Bad, don't you think???
Straight away I made the call, noooo, correct that... calls!!!... After the 15th call, I finally got through, only to be bounced back to reality with the devastating news...before I lost my temper, which I honestly don't have, or said something I didn't mean ( actually, the work of the day had dulled my senses, I could be tagged at that moment as a dumb kid). I cut the call.
Can you believe it???  I cut the call on her. Did it feel good??? Was it good??? Was it right??? What should have been my response?? And what should my reaction be???
I'll let you be the judge of that. Comment if you will.