I Have Seen What Benjamin Franklin Saw

30/08/2012 10:45

Stories, Facts, Imaginations and so on, we hear from our youth up, do we ever get to live them??? Some we eventually get it done, but in our own modernized way, others we don't. The important fact is that from the experience, our belief is firmly grounded that it did happen. Why? I woke up one morning to a rainy, dark and gloomy day, thunders rolling, lightning flashing; such a heavy downpour. As I sat and gazed out my window, from nowhere, a zap of lightning flashed across the sky and struck the electrical pole just outside my window; in response, the pole sparked up, releasing electricity into the air, and the lightning responded back with such anger, followed by a thunderous slap on the pole's back. Something within me snapped - then like a light bulb, it came to me; this is what Benjamin Franklin saw and actually did in order to capture the lightning by the kite, this time, he put it inot a bottle. Well, excuse my weird sense of humour...Ha Ha Ha