I need my memory back

01/06/2012 05:44

Good morning everyone, it is almost 6 a.m, and I am jostled out of bed with the words of  "See the lioness that was to wake me up by 5.

Where did that come from. As I rub the sleep from my eyes, I look into the face of my dad, and realize, Shoot!!!. His appointment at 7:30a.m. 

He is all set to go, folder in hand, shirt pressed, tie to match, scent... very manly, and a smile to match.. My dad looked dashing. But I needed to get back to the meeting with the king of sleep, I wished him all the best and escaped through the back door, hoping the king didn't notice my absence.



Where we start from now? How do we get back in line? How do we go with flow of the slow mind? How do we not forget things and be constantly aware of the daily responsibilites that "bless" our way, and leave a trail of " happiness" and "joy"?

I don't have the answers!!!

Do you ???

Will you take a journey with me to find out??

And this is where the tape stops... why? Because I ran out of thoughts!!!!

Anyone knows how I can get my memory back? Feel free to share.