ILC 2012 (International Leadership Conference 2012)

02/04/2012 23:21

ILC 2012 !!!. If I said I was not grateful and privileged to be there, then I would not  be speaking to you from the bottom of my heart. This leadership conference was awesome!!!

The anticipation, the drive, the expectation of what was to unfold, cannot be told by the tongues of men, but rather experienced; an opportunity of a life time.

Okay!!!  I have been told, I do get carried away a lot of times, so let's break this down a little, it might seeem that my high faluting words are on the brink of a major spill. I think I would just stick to the basics.

Let's start the story, which I think you would appreciate, when I missed my connecting flight from NewYork to Utah.

Phew!!!  This unforeseen "blessing" made me arrive at ILC on the day registrations started. Well ,all things being equal, I finished on time. Toured the City, the company grounds, manufacturing plant and permit to express in my own terms what bounced back at me; Beautiful and Breathtaking, all at the same time.

The very next day, John Wadsworth, a founder of the company and the remaining four (4) founders officially opened the event, and as each day unfolded, the major thrive and drive of the conference, if i may add, was unleashed.

My first expression is like oooooo!!!! aaahhhhh!!!! wow!!!, and I am left or is it right in amazement,... with a resolution ( I'll promise to unveil that a little later on).

My crowning, or icing on the cake, was Brian Tracy, He is the icing in my chocolate cake. His words, now, my words - I Like myself, I love my work and I can do it. His story, i'll share later on.

Now I am out of ILC 2012, off to NES 3 ( No Excuses Summit 3) 2012, but that's dessert for another meal.

See you nex time.