My Rainy Day

27/09/2012 13:31

Can you believe it? As I type this down, I am drenched, soaked, wet from the crown of my head to the sole of my foot...

What a way to start my day.

I left my home in high spirits, sweetly dressed and had my hair combed down.. got to admit.. i looked cute.. and had the spectacles to match. 

Well, the rain did send a shower text in the morning that it was gonna pour. I listened, took my umbrella and shower cap... and was ready for the phone calls  from the rain network...

Boy!!! was I done for... the rain, slapped, beat, punched, even blew me in the face.. wondered how i survived... but hey i'm a survivor and I did.

My appointments all cancelled... in the direction I was headed... took me 3 hrs to get back to the office and as I sit down here and write this... I'm zapping out again in wet clothes for another appointment.

Can the day be any more hilarious... I guess not... It's just the weather's way of saying " hello ruthie, you look gorgeous this morning". Thanks rain... you certainly made  my day