Speak To Me!!!

09/10/2012 07:19

It was 4 months, 12 weeks, 84 days, 2,016 hours, 120,960 minutes and 7,257,600 seconds since I was in exile and it doesn't seem like I am going anywhere. Looks like the exile might stretch to 12 months, but then again I am desperately praying that it doesn't

What trade or skill can I add to my cart??? ACCA, Knitting, Baking, Sewing, Teaching, Carpentry, Painting, Art, Cooking??? What???

 Please, even if it is  light duty, I don't mind.

Slowly, slowly, this is torture of the highest order.

What do you want me to  see in all of this???

What would you have me do??

What do you want from me?

Well, Here I am, patiently waiting, listening.... Speak to me!!!