03/06/2012 00:02

Hey I am back again today, a little refreshed. Seems my plea to get my memory back worked. Now I 'd continue with the minute millionaire series.

Our last episode on the minute millionaires told us that "everyone manifests". Everything as we know it begins with a thought. I guess it's time for the next AHA to be unleashed.

Drumroll please!!!

2ND AHA : Be - Do - Have

The steps you follow to become a minute millionaire are  BE, DO AND HAVE. ( Do what you love, add enormous value and leverage it) 

  • For a minute millionaire, it's all about giving, rarely about getting. Giving springs from the wellspring of the abundance that exists.

        It's who they are, It's from their BE-ING.

  • Then you DO what needs to be done to add as much value to the world as possible.
  • When the above two (2) are correct, then you"ll HAVE your desired outcome.

BE - DO - HAVE , It is the key to Happiness. This is what Happiness is all about- "Happiness is found in doing, not merely possessing". It is the art of truly giving without expectation of a retun.

So Let's BE happy, Let's DO happiness and HAVE happiness.