11/06/2012 12:49


It's a common trend in our daily lives, a well known fact and a frequent happening. Every living, breathing, eating , moving and talking being, loves to "pass the basket"
Trouble arises, we shake; problems appear and we quake, and look for ways to avoid it all; in cases, when we are caught in the middle, ways are devised to pass the blame, pass the torch, not forward , but this time backward.
This is what I am sick of.
When you blame someone or something for what went wrong, you lose an opportunity to optimally learn from the situation. This also involves when you blame yourself.
Mandy lived a life fully dependent on her husban. Work she knew not how to start, the ideas were rusty, the creativity was still; she was stumped int eh brain and couldn't process a simple business idea, but the best part of all these inabilities was that she was a wondeful mom.
Mandy could relate extremely and exceeding well to her kids, she knew their ins and outs, ups and downs; a mom true at heart.
Unseen circumstances and events crept up on this famil as Mandy's husband, suddenly died of a heart attack. An unexpected exit, Mandy was crushed, devasted, and wondered how would she survive.
He was the sole bread winner of the family, how would she move on and give her kids what they have always had, furthermore her inlaws were fighting for custody of the children, saying she was unfit as mom due to her lack of education and prowess.
Caught between the devil and the deep blue sea, mandy blamed circumstances, blamed her dead husband, for shielding her from exposure to develop herself, she sunk into depression, and spent days without end, crying her eyes and ears out, till she had no more to give.
Was this the end for mandy?  Was that the optimal place to view life's experiences from the point of personal responsibility?. 
Mandy lived life after her husband's death below the line, she blamed life. Little did she know that the best place  to live life was above the line, to learn from life.
By doing that, you  have optimal control, direction and command over the existence.
"Free will" surfaces in each individual action or omission, allowing you to  learn as much as possible from each situation. 
It is the 3rd AHA of a minute millionaire: LIVE LIFE ABOVE THE LINE.
Remember,Mandy's story is over. Stay tuned to see what she decides what next to do.