The Minute Millionaire Series (5)

26/06/2012 09:50

I  thought I had it all, I thought all the millions in the world would or could be mine. Little did I realize that I had to do it the Minute Millionaire way, the enlightened way, in order to make the world a better place.

I would be like the honey- money seeking bee. I would focus on adding much value as possible in pursuit of making  millions. Increasing the standard of  living on the planet, 90 degrees in  my flight path.

 My 90 degrees, I would call it PRECESSION, my actions in motion , moving towards a specific objective, and what happens precessionally at this angle is very important.

 You have got to understand fully understand and appreciate all the events as they come,  you have to make positive things happen as long as you focus is adding value as much as possible. After all it's a win-win outcome.

Next time , we'll talk about the possitive and negative DNA of Precession. In the mean time, let's cross the finish line.

Your decision, your idea, the pattern, techniques, magical moment and inspiring threshold all make up the BUTTERFLY EFFECT you have to display to the world.

Until then... Stay tuned.