The Very Very Rich Statements Of Phenomenal Entrepreneurs (3)

18/06/2012 22:27

Alas! We have come to the end of this rich statements. I must say it has been fun for me, prying into the minds of these entrepreneurs and pulling out content, full of value that is and will be useful for generation and generations to come.

A Quote if you please, "Words are  like water, they take the shape and colour of the container you put them into"

Here, I present to you, drumroll please...:


 ANITA RODDICK  ( The Body Shop Inc)

One of the greatest successes of entrepreneurship is to find out what is wanted. If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.


RUSSELL SIMMONS (Rush Communications Inc)

Passion is what keeps an entrepreneur going when the going gets tough.



No matter what kind of business you own, motivating yourself and your employees is very important; because Individuals don't win, Teams do!!!



A lot of emphasis has been placed on the money than needed to be.



Idealistic Perspective - that is doing something with the highest quality, doing it right the first time, - and this would really be cheaper than having to go back and do it again.


Hope to see you all around tomorrow. Have fun.